Campus Parking

Motorist Assistance

Dial 217-244-HELP between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm, Monday - Friday. Services are not available when the University or Parking Department is closed, such as designated campus holidays.

The following services are provided at no charge for university employees and students on UIUC property, within the area surrounded by University Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Curtis Road, and Neil Street. Please note that we do not provide services on private property or residential streets. Please also note, prior to these complimentary services being provided you must present valid identification and sign a form acknowledging the Parking Department and University are not liable for damages or defects caused or discovered in the act of providing motorist assistance services.

Motorist assistance unlocking a car

Lock Out Service
We may attempt to unlock your car or call a locksmith upon request, or as necessary.*

Jump Start
We will provide jumper cables and instruction.

Flat Tire
We will provide air to inflate your tire.**

Out of Gas
We will provide a safe container to transport gas, along with directions to the nearest gas station.***

*Locksmith services are at the driver’s expense.
**Parking Department cannot change tires, offer tire repair, or assist with tire replacement.
***Parking Department cannot purchase gas or provide a ride to/from the gas station.

Motorist assistance services are offered as a courtesy to campus community affiliates and are not obligatory. Services will be denied if the circumstance or situation is deemed unsafe, or the request is deemed by Parking personnel to be repetitive or abusive.