Campus Parking

Snow & Ice Removal

Snow Parking Priority Lots

The parking facilities identified below are designated priority lots and will be cleared first. They are designed to take in as many parking customers as possible until smaller lots can be cleared.  If your assigned lot has not been plowed when reporting to work, please proceed to the priority lots. 

In a snow event, the following priority parking lots will be cleared first:


  • Shuttle Lot E14 (South Campus) West of State Farm Center, south end only. 
  • Lot B4, Levels Four and Five – (North Campus) –Parking deck at the corner of University Avenue and Matthews Avenue.
  • Lot F27 – (South Campus) - Adjacent to Veterinary Medicine Basic Sciences Building.
  • Parking Decks – Entrances to the decks will be cleared after the priority lots have been plowed; ramps will be sanded, but the top levels will be barricaded and unavailable. Parking customers may also use the decks when no space is available within the priority lots.


Note: Vehicles parked in priority lots (E14, B4, and F27) with a valid virtual permit for other rental facilities will not be cited for violations during a snow event; however, enforcement will continue for violations such as parking in disabled spaces, yellow zones, or blocking driveways.