Event Parking

Bus Parking Policy

Buses will refer to the following:

  • School buses of any size
  • Motor coaches
  • Public transportation buses of any size
  • “Turtle top” buses
  • Any multi-passenger vehicle meeting or exceeding the width of a parking stall and/or longer than 22 feet in length.


  1. Buses of any type are not permitted in university parking facilities without prior authorization from the Parking Department.
  2. For safety reasons, buses are not permitted to enter university parking lots for the purpose of dropping off or picking up. For safe drop-off and pick-up locations, bus coordinators are urged to consult with their destination facility or the University of Illinois Police Department at 217-333-1216.
  3. Bus parking must be arranged and paid for in advance. Parking for buses, regardless of size, requires a temporary day permit issued by the Parking Department at the current bus permit fee.
  4. The bus permit must be displayed and clearly visible through the driver-side windshield or driver window. Violation of any bus regulations will result in a “No Permit” citation that will escalate within 72 hours if unpaid.
  5. Unauthorized buses in university parking facilities may be subject to tow if they are obstructing the facility or restricting access for customers.
  6. Parking lots E14, B22, and F23 are the only lots designated for permitted bus parking.

The above regulations apply to all buses, regardless if they have a driver remaining on board.

    Large Event Bus Parking

    Large campus events such as college open houses, state athletic events and other large university hosted events that involve parking for 10 buses or more are subject to event parking protocols. The following regulations apply for event parking with buses:

    1. Events requiring parking for 10 buses or more must contact the Parking Department at least 2 weeks in advance to make arrangements.
    2. Approval for event parking of buses is subject to facility availability and determined by the Parking Department.
    3. A lump sum parking fee will be required for each weekday of the event. The fees must be paid in advance of the event.
    4. The 4 parking lots around the State Farm Center are operated by the State Farm Center. To arrange bus parking in those lots, contact State Farm Center Management. State Farm Center events seeking parking in lot E14 must contact the Parking Department to make arrangements.