Motorcycle FAQ

Where can I park my motorcycle or scooter?

Motorcycle and scooter parking is only permitted in designated areas displaying a “Motorcycle Parking” sign. A current parking medallion must be displayed. Motorcycles may park at metered spaces as long as the meter is paid. For safety reasons, motorcycle parking is not allowed in parking garages.

Why do I have to pay to park a motorcycle?

The cost of a motorcycle permit goes toward building, maintaining, and operation motorcycle parking facilities throughout campus.

Why are medallions used?

Hang tags are easily stolen or can fall off. To date, medallions have been the best type of permit for motorcycle users.

Why can't motorcycles park in car spaces if they have a car permit?

Our goal is to maximize our facility usage to help the most people get the parking they need. A designated facility for each vehicle type allows us to assist our motorcycle and car customers most efficiently.

I have a car permit, so why do I have to buy an additional motorcycle permit?

The rates charged for car permits are designed to cover the costs associated with maintaining and operating the car parking program only. Therefore, those who park motorcycles pay a permit fee to help cover the cost associated with the motorcycle parking program.