Accessible Parking FAQ

Why are there meters in disabled spaces?

During designated hours, there is no free parking on the UIUC campus. Designated disabled parking spaces provide parking in closer proximity to the desired location. Cost for parking is independent of accessibility.

Why were meters added to disabled parking spaces?

* As of January 1, 2014, the State of Illinois updated Persons with Disabilities law as it pertains to the parking program. The new regulations no longer automatically qualify a person with a disabled parking placard for meter-exempt parking.
* Additional information regarding the Persons with Disabilities Parking Program can be found at the Secretary of State’s website - State of Illinois Disabled Parking Program.

Are there any exceptions?

* Based on certain parameters, the Secretary of State has continued to issue some meter exempt permits.
* Only valid State of Illinois issued meter exempt permits qualify for meter payment exemption.
* Additional information (how to qualify, what they look like) regarding meter exempt permits can be found at the Secretary of State’s website - State of Illinois Disabled Parking Program.

How can I avoid citation if I have a disabled permit?

* If you need parking on campus on a regular basis, you can contact the Parking Department for permit purchase options - parkingcomments@illinois.edu, or 217-333-3530. The Parking Department will also address availability based on your specific parking needs.
* If only parking intermittently, the going rate for metered parking is $1/hour.

Why isn’t parking free?

The U of I Parking Department is a self-sustaining department, exclusively funded by permit, meter, and fine income (not supplemented by state or university funding). All monies are used to fund the substantial cost for construction, maintenance, and upkeep of campus parking facilities.

Why isn’t HC parking free?

Because the Parking Department is self-sustaining, the cost of any “free” parking is actually being absorbed by all other parking customers.

What does the Parking Department do with meter revenue?

As an auxiliary unit, the Parking Department is not awarded state or university funding. Parking revenue, including meter payments, funds the substantial cost to build and maintain over 150 lots and 5 parking structures, containing approximately 16,000 parking spaces.